Regional & Local Support

Uniting homeschooling families throughout New York!
Regional AND Local support throughout NY.
Planned future additions of New Jersey & Pennsylvannia support networking!


Mission Statement

The central purpose for APPLE  is for the children, and to function as a family* group where families of like interests, can come together in a variety of ways..  The gatherings may be by way of one family -to-one family, or as a group. Gatherings may take place as field trips, outings, organized functions, lunches, dinners, meetings, even spontaneous get-togethers. Homeschooling issues and exchanges of information, are also a function of APPLE.

All A.P.P.L.E. functions keep parents and children/teens together.  Keeping families together, in a family* setting is one of A.P.P.LE.'s missions.

The central and unique aspect of APPLE is:
itís purpose is for the children/family.
Children are welcome at all APPLE functions!

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